Our Story

In 1992, Handi food products was started with one simple goal in sight, to
provide high quality exotic food items from across the world to the
Canadian market. The lack of high-quality basmati rice in the market
started this business venture with the introduction of Handi Super Kernel
Basmati Rice.
It went on to add various more products to its portfolio including spices and
specifically Indian spices. The company’s success is attributed to its ability
to respond to the ever-changing needs of its customers through its
innovative product development. We ensure that the branded food
products are packaged and delivered while maintaining the highest
standards of quality.
Since the inception of Handi and various growth opportunities, Handi food
products has offered many different varieties of recipes that could be
customised to your taste and preferences. These include recipes for chicken
and other various kinds of recipe that you can follow in the comfort of your
own homes. Thanks to our loyal customer base, we continue to grow and
provide quality food items.