Our Story

As a family of farmers for generations in Punjab, on both sides of the border. It is our aim to eradicate the inequality of wealth distribution between the farmers and the corporate stakeholders.

Hailing from a long line of farmers, the recent struggles of the farming community are closely felt. The income gap that exists between the farmers and the millers is absurd. We at Handi, strive to reduce that gap by working directly with farmers and millers that provide fair value to their farmers.

Most of the farmers are our close family and friends, while others have joined us as our brand value and consumption increases. Through the help of our farmers, Handi is dedicated to improving the lives of the farmers in rural areas. This is mainly achieved through providing financial support to the farmers and quality education to their children.

The Citizen’s Foundation – A Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing quality education in the under-privileged rural areas. Visit their website for more information and for direct donations. https://tcfcanada.org/


NRSP – Started off as a microfinancing unit that provides financial support and consultancy to the farmers, now has grown into a major processor of raw commodities like Basmati Rice. Another non-profit organization that Handi is partnered with to bring fair value to our farmers.